CEOs: You've Got A Friend

...who listens. I provide a support system for chief executives and business owners through goal setting & strategic planning. 

I'm your business therapist.


Hi, I'm Wendy

I make you feel better through a more holistic approach by helping you define your needs and achieve results through personal and professional growth.

I am a seasoned executive with deep vertical experience in all aspects of the fashion industry for brands such as Skechers, Eileen Fisher, and Hello Kitty. I worked my way up from receptionist to the C-suite where my biggest accomplishment was taking BedHead Pajamas from $4M - $12M and delivering a lucrative exit to a major brand investor. As a CEO, I felt very isolated, but developed a rigorous goal practice to pull myself out of it.

There is a lot of talk about the best ways to care for employees, but the well-being of the CEO is rarely considered. Who does the CEO turn to when they need advice? Who takes care of CEOs? My calling to provide a support system for CEOs and business owners to help them through each day, when they feel like impostors, and when they feel the weight of the responsibility of leading the team with no support. Lending an ear through my private practice and Vistage group gives executives a break – providing a safe space to talk about challenges, celebrate victories, and grow as people and leaders. I empower CEOs to look at their businesses from a big picture view in order to find solutions and follow their instincts.


My current clients are leaders from industries such as Finance, Small Business, Entertainment, Real Estate, Fashion and more. 

What I Can Do For You


Commitment to make positive things happen for every CEO


The courage to deal with problems, no matter the difficulty


I'm always looking for leaders to join my CEO peer advisory group


What People Say

Carrie Owens


"Wendy is a goal setting expert and has the creative problem solving skills to get you through any bumps or detours. Within one session, I had solid goals mapped out as well as a plan for achieving them."

Renee Bertand

Owner, BedHead Pajamas

"One of Wendy's greatest assets is her "can do" attitude, and her ability to plan and build towards a goal, with grace and ease. I wish I had "discovered" her much earlier in the game."

Tobey Dodge

CEO, Prepaired

"I left our meeting really pumped that I have an avenue to grow in a positive and supportive way. I'm glad there is a method and safe space for me to do the work I need on myself.

Christina Bartolucci

Founder, Peek Beauty

"I don't know how to express how much Wendy helped me with my business.  Her coaching empowered me to take charge. I cannot believe how far I've come in such a short time."

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